Your Veggi Burger May Be Toxic

Until recently, not many consumers were aware of the widespread use of a toxic and environmentally damaging chemical, hexane, in the manufacturing of “natural” soyfoods such as vegetarian burgers, nutrition bars, and protein shakes. The use of chemical solvents such as hexane is strictly prohibited in organic food processing, yet its use is widespread in the “natural” soy industry, including in some products labeled as “made with organic soybeans,” such as Clif® Bars. Hexane, a neurotoxin, is listed as a “hazardous air pollutant” by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and grain processors, including soy processors, are responsible for more than two-thirds of all hexane emissions in the United States.

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  • Mary Wright

    on our site devoted to “no-GMO’s” and those interested in avoiding GMO’s has an explanation/editorial under the Q&A of the word natural. It means nothing by itself in most instances- we spell them out with references. It may be truthful in some cases if you disregard GMO’s that are not found in nature at all, and in many cases it is absolutely intentionally misleading. Our site makes no money even to cover costs. It is an outreach to help people have the benefit of our last year of research that came with giving up all GMO foods. question 6. The bad products that call themselves 100% and All natural are going to take that word completely away from other attempted-natural products