What GMO Consensus?

What GMO Consensus?

There is no scientific consensus that GM crops are safe, especially when the views of the scientific community independent of the GM crop development industry are taken into account.

Myth of Independent Science Haunts Biotech Industry

Think twice before believing GMO advocates who argue that genetically engineered foods are safe because they were approved by government agencies. New report from the Union of Concerned Scientists demonstrates the many ways in which corporations influence scientific and policy making processes.

Loss of Biodiversity and Genetically Modified Crops

Genetically modified crops reinforce genetic homogeneity and promote large scale monocultures, they increase vulnerability of crops to climate change, pests and diseases and thus contribute to the decline in biodiversity. In the age where 75% of our plant genetic diversity has been lost, we must ask whether GMOs are doing more harm than good.

Research Shows New Ways In Which Patented Genes May Be Transferred

Research Shows How Patented Genes May Move In Nature

Scientists at the University of Bristol have discovered a previously unknown route by which GM genes may escape into the natural environment leading to questions about the unintended patented gene flow.

6 Reasons To Avoid GMOs

6 Reasons To Avoid GMOs

With Non GMO Month around the corner, let’s return to the basics: why avoid GMOs? Among concerns, human and animal health, environmental impact, morals and ethics, socioeconomic issues, and food labeling.

Industry's Defense of GMOs - Part II: Further Exploration of the Uses

This is the second of a two part series which explores the biotech industry’s defense of GMOs. The article below explores the common application of genetic technology today in greater detail.

Industry's Defense of GMOs - Part I: GMOs Uses Identified

The most common application of genetic technology today is in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Genetic Modification 101

There are several methods to achieve the exchange of DNA from one living organism into another. Read about the scientific process behind genetic modification.