We are passionate about food safety politics and GMOs in particular.  We have been at it for three years and our online publication is growing.  At present, we look to add freelance contributors.  We would love to publish your stories!

If you would like to contribute your writing, send an email to with your finished article attached along with any supporting materials.

Here are laboriously detailed answers to questions that you might have. In short, speak out and have fun with it!


Our writing is done solely as a passion.  We invested a great deal of effort, patience, and research into our work and we are excited to be a part of a growing community that is promoting educated conversation about modern agriculture methods and the politics of food safety.  We are looking for talented similar-minded contributors motivated to write and speak out.


You retain full copyright to your writing, but grant GMO Journal royalty-free distribution or publication rights on our web site in perpetuity.  This includes the rights to republish the story on any other properties of GMO Journal, including our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

You will receive full credit for your original work.  Please include a brief bio and a link to your site or your contact information along with your submission.

Original Ownership

This must be YOUR ORIGINAL WORK that is properly sourced.  If you are citing external sources, please give credit and provide any external links or citations.

This rule applies to text as well as images.  On GMO Journal, we often use our own images, as well as images available under Creative Commons License from government sources, WikiMedia Commons, or other public sources where we are allowed permission to republish images with or without recognition of the author. Please indicate that you are the rightful copyright owner of the image or provide the original license or link to the page containing the license under which you are allowed to republish it.


We prefer short articles, about 500 words, not longer than 1000 words.  Any breaking news stories or critical analysis on the subject of GMOs or food safety politics, law, or business is fair game.  Please attach your image or images.   Note that we may add an image appropriate to the topic before publishing.

About Exclusivity

GMO Journal does not ask for any exclusive rights to your work.  You retain all the flexibility to promote yourself and your work.  You are free to re-publish or submit your work to any other site before or after it has been released on GMO Journal.

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