Africa: New Genetically Engineered Soybean Available in 2010

According to the Science and Development Network, as reported in the Environmental News Network , a genetically engineered variety of soybean resistant to Asian rust will soon be widely available in West and Central Africa.

Nigerian scientists, who developed the rust-resistant variety named TGX 1835-10E, say the soybean plants will contain genes resistant to all known types of rust in Nigeria. The genetically modified seeds will be available for the 2010 growing season. No mention of how the trials and studies of these genetically modified crops were conducted or whether human, animal and environmental impact was studied.

Africa and GMOs is a complex subtopic which I will explore in greater detail in the future. For now, it is worth pointing out that the speed at which genetically modified crops are being planted and enter the market place (whether as animal feed or food) around the world is alarming especially given the concerns raised by many scientists and consumer group advocates. It would also be interesting to find out the source of funding for the research facilities and/or universities discussed in the article.