New Non-GMO Shopping Guide from Non-GMO Project

non-gmo-project-shopping-guide A new Non-GMO Shopping Guide is now available from the Non-GMO Project featuring tips on avoiding GMOs and a list of food companies that have made a commitment to providing GE free products.  We recommend that you check it out.

Know what you eat!

Download the Non-GMO Shopping Guide from Non-GMO Project here.

The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization that has created the first product verification program in North America that helps consumers identify GMO free organic and natural products.  The product verification process requires genetic testing of all product ingredients at accredited labs.  Since the program started accepting participating companies just over a year ago, in the fall of 2008, it attracted significant attention and some big name participants.

This printable shopping guide lists crops that are more likely to be genetically engineered and ingredients that are more likely to be derived from GMOs.  In addition,  it lists nearly 70 brands participating in the Non-GMO Project program, including 11 companies that have been “verified” as meeting the Non-GMO Project Standard.  The list of verified brands committed to GE-free food choices includes such major names as Whole Foods 365, Eden Foods, Whole Soy & Co, as well as many others.

Also, check out the Non-GMO Shopping Guide from The Center for Food Safety that we featured in our previous post.