OSGATA Lawsuit Against Monsanto Ends

OSGATA Lawsuit Against Monsanto Ends

The Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the case means that the Farmers case will not be reinstated nor decided on its merits and the decisions from the Court of Appeals stands.

Appellate Court Reaches Decision in Osgata Matter

Appellate Court Reaches Decision in Osgata Matter

The appeals court in the Osgata matter held that Monsanto is legally bound not to sue farmers or sellers of seeds that are inadvertently contaminated with up to one percent of seeds carrying Monsanto’s patented traits.

Farming Groups Take On Goliath In Court

Farming Groups Take On Goliath In Court

In a case of national prominence, farmers, seed selling businesses and agricultural organizations are fighting for their right to seek legal protection from accusations of patent infringement by the agri-giant Monsanto should they become contaminated by Monsanto’s GMO seed.

OSGATA Appeal Moves Forward in DC Court

Not a mere hypothetical disagreement. The OSGATA lawsuit against Monsanto moved forward, despite the lower court dismissal, as more scholars and organizations echo concerns over GMO contamination and onerous lawsuits.

Appeal Filed In GMO Patent Case Against Monsanto

Appeal Filed In The Case Against Monsanto

Organic and conventional family farmers, small and family-owned seed companies, and agricultural organizations recently filed an appeal in the case of OSGATA et al v. Monsanto, which was dismissed by a Federal Court in New York on February 24, 2012.

Organic Farmers Succeed Despite Federal Court Defeat

Organic Farmers Succeed Despite Federal Court Defeat

The Federal District Court in New York dismissed the organic and conventional farmers’ complaint against Monsanto. But despite the legal loss, the lawsuit leaves a beneficial legacy.

Monsanto Wins Against Indiana Farmer Over Seed Saving

Monsanto’s stronghold over seed patents was reinforced recently when an appeals court affirmed a prior ruling against a farmer, this time for buying seeds as “commodity” seeds from a local grain elevator.

Farmers Respond To Monsanto’s Attempt To Dismiss Their Case

Farmers Respond To Monsanto's Attempt To Dismiss Their Case

Farmers and agricultural organizations demanded their right to be heard after Monsanto asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit challenging the company’s aggressive enforcement of genetically modified seed patents.

Monsanto Mistakenly Sues Farmers Over Seed Saving

Monsanto is forced to backtrack on a lawsuit alleging that two Erie area farmers saved patented seeds. We look at that and, also, the latest on Anonymous hacking attack against Monsanto

More Organic Growers Join the Suit Against Monsanto

“Society stands on the precipice of forever being bound to transgenic agriculture and transgenic food” reads the first sentence in the amended complaint filed by farmers, environmentalist, researchers and consumer groups against Monsanto. New plaintiffs strengthen the resolve to stand up to Big M.

Organic Trade Groups and Farmers Sue Monsanto

Lawsuit by organic groups asks Federal court to invalidate Monsanto’s patents and to end Monsanto’s practice of suing farmers over GMO contamination.